Customeric Open APIs

Customeric API's require an account key to access each API. Contact Customeric if you wish to create an API account.

Customer Interaction API

The Customer Interaction API combines interaction Logging, Analysis and Management capabilities for inbound and outbound customer communications. A single view of interactions is provided and can be reported on by multiple criteria types such as channel, sentiment and time frame. Outbound interactions can be managed in order to avoid customer saturation. And inbound interactions can be intelligently processed with customer aware routing strategies.

Customer Lifecycle API

The Customer Lifecycle API allows business to create multiple simultaneous lifecycles for the customer across the same set of data and report on these respectively. Marketing may wish to track the lifecycle of a prospect as ti changes to a lead and subsequently a confirmed customer. Operations may wish to track the lifecycle of a service issue related to a customer. Each part of an organization typically has a slightly different definition of customer. The Lifecylce API resolves the issue of ambiguity by supporting simultaneous models for analysis and reporting

Customer Product Interest API

The Customer Product Interest API provides support for registering customer interest when this is determined through a particular channel, in order to assist in focused sales efforts in future interactions. Once customer interest has been captured futured inbound interactions can be guided in a more relevant manner as part of the sales process.

Customer Targeted Action API

The Customer Targeted Action API provides support for logging events and states which relate to a customer in order to guide future customer interaction in a targeted manner. Customer preferences as well as business rules can be stored and configued around how customers should be treated per channel for both inbound and outbound interactions so that the customer benefits from a directed experience according to the organizations insights available for that customer.

Customeric Local APIs

South Africa

Customer Identity Validation API

The following API's are developed specifically for South African customer information.
Identity Number Validation API
Identity Number Analytics API