Identity Number Validation API

What is it

The Identity Number Validation API is a cloud based RESTful Application Programming Interface (API) microservice. The API accepts a number and evaluates whether it is a valid South African citizen identity number, as contained in South African identity documents.

Why use it

By including calls to the API in software applications, the high cost of data capture errors on this key identifier field can be reduced, and potential fraudulent activites can be blocked.

What does it do

The API applies a set of complimentary validation rules to ensure the provided number is a valid identity number.

Who uses it

The API is available for use by application developers wishing to include South African Identity Number validation in their applications without having to write and maintain the validation logic themselves.

To experience how the Identity Number Validation API can be used in conjunction with UI input components enter valid and invalid identify numbers in the field below.


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  • 100,000 requests
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How to use it

To validate a South African Identity Number invoke the following RESTful Service using a HTTP or JSON client.{id number}

and replace {id number} with an identity number you wish to validate. Note that key=999 is a test account.

Tip: click the link above to try it now in your browser.

API Responses

Responses will be returned in JSON or XML depending on the request headers provided from your HTTP client application.

valid = 1, identity number is valid.
valid = 0, identity number is invalid and a reason is provided.

The console presents usage tracking of API requests per API key.

Visualize the results of Id Number validation requests.

View details of your account status and account history.